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Parlophone PMTV 1 - All the best

UK 02/11-1987

Parlophone PMTV1 - LP
Parlophone CDPMTV1 - CD

Side 1:

1.Jet 4,06
2.Band on the run 5,10
3.Coming up 3,50
4.Ebony and ivory 3,41
5.Listen to what the man said 3,54

Side 2:

1.No more lonely nights (Ballad) 4,38
2.Silly love songs 5,52
3.Let ‘em in 5,08
4.C moon 4,33
5.Pipes of peace 3,24

Side 3:

1.Live and let die 3,10
2.Another day 3,41
3.Maybe I’m amazed 3,50
4.Goodnight tonight 4,19
5.Once upon a long ago 4,06

Side 4:

1.Say, say, say 3,54 (McCartney/Jackson)
2.With a little luck 5,44
3.My love 4,08
4.We all stand together 4,23
5.Mull of Kintyre 4,43 (McCartney/Laine)
Sjovt nok så har CD udgivelsen færre sange end vinyludgaven. Der er udeladt: Maybe I’m amazed, Goodnight tonight og With a little luck.
Strangely the CD has fewer songs than the LP. Missing on the CD are: Maybe I'm amazed, Goodnight tonight and With a little luck.

Uk chart peak no. 2