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1999 - Fluid (Nitin Sawhney Remixes)

UK 01/1999
HYDRA 12008 - 12" single
1. Fluid (Out Of Body And Mind Mix) 3,41
2. Fluid (Out Of Body Mix) 4,23
3. Fluid (Out Of Body With Sitar Mix) 4,23
4. Bison 2,46

Udsendt i et begrænset nummereret oplag. Mit eget eksemplar har nr. 1699.
skæring 1-3 er remix lavet af Nitin Sahwney
Skæring 4 er det originale mix af nummeret "Bison" mixet af The Fireman
Limited machine-numbered edition. Front cover features a sticker and the six-panel cover cardboard is held together by a rubber band.
Track 4 is the original mix of "Bison," as mixed by The Fireman.
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