Title: 20 golden hits ***
Catalogue number: 190001.3
Label feature: Plain white
Rimprint: None
Taxcode: None

Sleeve feature: Generic

Innersleeve: None
side 1: P 1979=190001.3A-1
side 2: Leerrillen (empty grooves)
side 3: P 1979=190001.3B-2 G
side 4: Leerrillen (empty grooves)
Condition Record/Sleeve: VG-/Generic
MEGA RARE Test pressing with two single sided discs
Special note: *** This release is almost identical to the Apple/ADEG 61 release with the same title. Only the tracks "We can work it out" and "Here comes the sun" are reversed on this release.
Euro: 200,00 Dkr. 1500,00
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