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All my trials

UK 08/12/1990

Parlophone R6278 - 7"
Parlophone 12R6278/CDR6278 - maxisingle.
Parlophone CDRX6278 - cd maxisingle

R6278 - All my trials (Trad. Arr. McCartney) 3,21/C moon 3,39
A-side is from a concert in Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy 27th October 1989. The B-side is from the soundcheck prior to the concert.

12R6278/CDR6278 - All my trials(trad. arr. McCartney) 3,21/C moon 3,39/Mull of Kintyre(McCartney/Laine) 5,35/Put it there 2,44

The two tracks not on the 7" was "Mull of Kintyre" recorded from a concert in Scotland 23rd June 1990 and "Put it there"  from a concert in Sweden 28th September 1989.
CDRX6278 - All my trials(Trad. arr. McCartney) 3,21/C moon 3,39/Strawberry fields forever/Help/Give peace a chance(Lennon/McCartney) 6,46 

The Beatles/Lennon medley was played as a special surprise at Paul's concert in Liverpool 28th June 1990
UK chart peak: No. 35
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