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Band on the run - Paul McCartney and Wings

UK 07/12/1973 

Apple PAS10007 - LP
Parlophone 4991761-Anniversay limited edition (1999) - LP
Hear Music HRM-32566-01 (2010) - LP
Parlophone CDP 7 46055 2 (1985) - CD
Parlophone/mpl CDPMCOL5 (1993) - CD
Parlophone/mpl 4 99176 2 (1999) - CD
Hear Music HRM-32148-2 (2010) - CD
Hear Music HRM-32566-00 (2010) - CD
HearMusic HRM-32566-04 (2010) - De Luxe Pack (3CD 1DVD)

Side 1:

1. Band on the run 5,08
2. Jet 4,05
3. Bluebird 3,19
4. Mrs. Vandebilt 4,35
5. Let me roll it 4,45 

Side 2: 

1. Mamunia 4,50
2. No words 2,31 (McCartney/Laine)
3. Picasso’s last words(drink to me) 5,44
4. Nineteen hundred and eighty five 5,25
1993 remaster versionen havde disse bonusnumre: Helen wheels og Country dreamer.

The 1993 remastered issue had these bonus tracks: Helen wheels and Country dreamer.
1999 Anniversary udgaven Indeholder den normale LP samt LP/CD2: med følgende materiale: 

The 1999 Anniversary edition contains the normal album on disc one and the following material on disc 2: 

Paul McCartney (dialogue intro)-Band on the run(nicely toasted mix) 1,13
Band on the run (original)(background)-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 1) 2,17
Band on the run (barn rehearsal 21 juli 1989) 4,59
Paul McCartney (dialogue link 2)-Mamunia(original)(background)-Denny Laine(dialogue)-Linda McCartney(dialogue)-Paul McCartney(dialogue link 3) 4,22
Bluebird(Live Australia 1975) 0,55
Bluebird(original)(background)-Paul McCartney(dialogue link 4) 00,23
Paul McCartney(dialogue link 5)-No words(original)(background)-Geoff Emerick (dialogue)1,24
No words (original)-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 6)-Tony Visconti (dialogue)-Band on the run (original)(illustration)-Tony Visconti (dialogue) 1,47
Jet (original from Picasso's last words)(background)-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 7)-Jet (original from Picasso's last words)(background)-Al Coury (dialogue) 2,55
Jet (Berlin soundcheck 3'rd September 1993) 3,51
Paul McCartney (dialogue link 8)-Clive Arrowsnith (dialogue) 1,44
Nineteen hundred and eighty five (original)(background-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 9)-James Coburn (dialogue)-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 10)-John Conteh (dialogue) 3,24
Mrs Vandebilt (original)(background)-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 11)-Kenny Lynch (dialogue) 2,10
Let me roll it (Cardington Rehearsal 5'th february 1993)-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 12) 3,52
Paul McCartney (dialogue link 13)-Mrs Vandebilt (background-Michael Parkinson (dialogue)-Linda Mccartney (Band on the run photo shoot)(dialogue)-Michael Parkinson (dialogue) 2,25
Helen Wheels (crazed)-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 14)-Christopher Lee (dialogue)5,32
Band on the run (strum bit)-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 15)-Clement Freud (dialogue) 1,01
Picasso's last words (original)(background-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 16)-Dustin Hoffman (dialogue) 4,22
Picasso's last words (drink to me)(Acoustic version) 1,11
Band on the run (nicely toasted mix)-Paul McCartney (dialogue link 17) 0,42
Band on the run (Northern comic version) 0,36 

2010 The Archive collection indeholder:

LP/CD udgaven indeholder det samme som den originale version
CD/DVD udgave indeholder:

Disc 1: same as original version

Disc 2:
Helen wheels/Country dreamer/Bluebird (from one Hand clapping) 3,26/Jet(from one Hand clapping) 3,55/Let me roll it (from one Hand clapping) 4,23/Band on the run (from one Hand clapping) 5,13/Nineteen hundred and eighty-five (from one Hand clapping 5,57/Country dreamer (from one Hand clapping) 2,14/Zoo gang

Disc 3 (DVD):
Band on the run (video)/Mamunia (video)/Album promo 7,42/Helen wheels (video)/Wings in Lagos 3,01/Osterley Park 15,20/One hand clapping film; One hand clapping theme 0,51/Jet 4,18/Soily 6,02/C moon 2,25/Little woman love 3,36/Maybe I'm amazed 5,49/My love 3,09/Bluebird 2,49/Let's love 1,23/All of you 2,09/I'll give you a ring 3,30/Band on the run 5,55/Live and let die 3,10/Nineteen hundred and eighty-five 4,47/Baby face 1,56

De luxe Pack contains:

Disc 1: Same as original version

Disc 2: Same as disc 2 in the CD/DVD version

Disc 3: Samme as the bonus disc from the 1999 edition

Disc 4: Samme som disc 3 i CD/DVD version

It furthermore had a 120 page book with many pictures of worldwide record sleeves.
The book was individually numbered. Mine has no. 45638

Der findes en sjælden presning af denne LP som efter sigende skulle være en eksport udgave. I pladens udløbsrille er matrix nummeret håndskrevet og har nummeret ZYEX 929-3/ZYEX 930-3 samt navnet "Blairs"

There is a special pressing in existence which sources claim is a special export pressing. It has special matrix no's ZYEX 929-3/ZYEX 930-3 and the inscription "Blairs".

UK chartpeak no. 1.
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