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Liverpool sound collage

UK 21/08/2000   

Hydra  HYDRA 52881727 - CD

1. Plastic Beetle 8,22
2. Peter Blake 2000 16,54
3. Real gone dub made in manifest in the vortex of the eternal now 16,37
4. Made up 12,57
5. Free now 3,28  
Ikke et egentligt McCartney album, men en lydcollage lavet med samplinger af bl.a The Beatles. Lavet i et samarbejde med Super furry Animals og Youth.
Not really a Paul McCartney album, but more a sound collage with samles by The Beatles and more.
Paul was invited to make this collage of sound because he had an exhibition at the Liverpool Tate that year.
Made in cooperation with Super furry animals and Youth.
UK chart peak: Did not chart
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