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Off the ground - the complete works

EU 1993

Parlophone 724382822721

CD1: Samme som normal albumudgivelse./Same as the normal release


1.Long leather coat 3,33 (P.McCartney/L.McCartney)
2.Keep coming back to love 4,59 (McCartney/Stuart)
3.Sweet sweet memories 4,01
4.Things we said today 3,43 (Lennon/McCartney
5.Midnight special 4,52 (Trad.arr. McCartney)
6.Style style 6,01
7.I can’t imagine 4,30
8.Cosmically conscious (complete) 4,40
9.Kicked around no more 5,25
10.Big boys bickering 3,19
11.Down to the river 3,30
12.Soggy noodle 0,27

Bestående af single B-sider og "overskud"fra “Off the ground” og “Unplugged koncerten”.
Consisting of single B-sides and other leftovers from the "Off the gropund" album and the "Unplugged" album.
No UK release apparently
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