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Pretty little head

UK 27/10/1986

Parlophone R6145
Parlophone 12R6145 
Parlophone TCR6145 - Cassette single

R6145 - Pretty little head (McCartney/Stewart) 3,50/Write away (McCartney/Stewart) 3,00

B-siden findes kun på CD udgaven af “Press to play”
The B-side track was only available on CD versions of ”Press to play” 

12R6145/TCR6145 - Pretty little head (McCartney/Stewart)(remix) (remixed by John “Tokes” Potoker ) 6,56/Angry(McCartney/Stewart)(remix) (remixed by Larry Alexander) 3,36/Write away (McCartney/Stewart) 3,00 

UK chart peak: No. Did not chart
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