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Standing stone

UK 29/09-1997

Emi Classics 556484 1 - LP boxset
EMI Classics 556484 2 - CD

Movement 1: After heavy light years 16,33

1.Fire/Rain 4,29
2.Cell growth 8,31
3.Human theme3,36

Movement 2: He awoke startled 16,14

4.Meditation 3,38
5.Crystal ship 2,02
6.Sea voyage 3,40
7.Lost at sea 4,38
8.Release 1,54

Movement 3: Subtle colours merged soft contours 22,56

9.Safe haven/Standing stone 4,12
10.Peaceful moment 2,09
11.Messenger 3,36
12.Lament 2,26
13.Trance 5,32
14.Eclipse 4,57

Movement 4: Strings pluck, horns blow, drums beat 19,08

15.Glory tales 2,40
16.Fugal celebration 4,25
17.Rustic dance 2,01
18.Love duet 3,43
19.Celebration 6,16
Paul brugte omkring fire år på at skrive dette klassiske værk.

LP udgaven udkom som et dobbeltalbum, og mit indtryk er at oplaget var meget begrænset. Jeg har kun set enkelte eksemplarer til salg.

Paul spent a good part of four years writing this classical piece.

The vinyl edition was issued as a double album in a De luxe cardboard Box, and as I have only seen a few on the market I think the pressing run was very limited.
UK chart peak: Did not chart
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