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Parlophone PCTC 259 - Tug of war

UK 26/04-1982

Parlophone PCTC259 - LP
Parlophone CDP 7 46057 2 - CD
Parlophone/mpl CDPMCOL 12 (1993 remastered CD) Hear Music HRM 37571-01 - (2015) Archive collection vinyl LP
Hear Music HRM 37563-02 - (2015) Archive collection CD       
Hear Music HRM 37579-00 - (2015) Archive collection CD/DVD limited edition box of 1000 copies

Side 1:

1.Tug of war 4,21
2.Take it away 4,13
3.Somebody who cares 3,18
4.What’s that you’re doing (Duet with Stevie Wonder) 6,19 (Wonder/McCartney)
5.Here today 2,24

Side 2:

1.Ballroom dancing 4,06
2.The pound is sinking 2,53
3.Wanderlust 3,49
4.Get it(Duet with Carl Perkins) 2,30
5.Be what you see(link)0,32
6.Dress me up as a robber 2,40
7.Ebony and Ivory(Duet with Stevie Wonder)3,41

Inderpose med sangtekster
Ingen bonusmure på nogen af cd udgaverne overhovedet. / This album had a printed innersleeve with lyrics. There was NO bonustracks on this release 
In 2015 the album was reissued as part of the Archive collection.
HRM 37563/37571 - Remixed version of the original album tracks. disc 2 contained the following:
1. Stop, you don't know where she came from (demo)
2. Wanderlust (demo)
3. Ballroom dancing (demo)
4. Take it away (demo)
5. The pound is sinking (demo)
6. Something that didn't happen (demo)
7. Ebony and ivory (demo)
8. Dress me up as a robber/robber riff (demo)
9. Ebony and ivory (solo version)
10. Rainclouds
11. I'll give you a ring
HRM 37579 - This limited edition box set was only made in 1000 copies worldwide. Mine is number 238.
It contained a red acrylic holder, 2 books, holder with the discs and an envelope with 5 Linda McCartney photos.
Music wise it contained the original album tracks, the remixed album tracks plus the above bonus tracks.
Disc 4 contained the following material:
1. Tug of war music video (version 1)
2. Tug of war music video (version 2)
3. Take it away music video
4. Ebony and ivory music video
5. Fly tia - behind the scenes on Take it away

UK chartpeak. No. 1
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